About Me

My name is Ryan Carter and I wonder if other writers have trouble writing about themselves too. I always find profiles difficult. I want to write about a lot of things, but not explicitly myself.

Though reading has been a consistent pastime for me throughout my life, my passion really grew for it, and writing, as an adult. This passion is rooted in my late adolescent and University years, where my knowledge deepened and reading became an everyday thing. I’m pleased with how this has grown into further reading on my own, as well as writing about what I read, in the years afterward. I love to examine and critique what works in a story and why, and conversely what doesn’t, which I do my best to bring to every review I write.

I’m still trying to figure out writing my own fiction. Thinking about characters, their arcs, the world, and plot lines every day is all well and good, but for some reason thus far I’ve found sitting down and writing it out to be exceptionally difficult. In the meantime I feed my corresponding love for writing about books — along with movies, comics, etc. — on this blog.

I graduated from University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of the Arts degree in the Fall 2013, and from Seneca College with a certificate in technical communication in Fall 2014. I live in Kingston, Ontario with my fiancée, a number of reptiles, and a few too many birds.


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