All About Stories

When I first started this blog, it was to give me a place to write about anything I wanted to. The only constraint I put on myself — if you can call it that — is that posts had to be in relation to a storytelling medium. I had never really written for myself, and frankly it’s a habit I still have to push myself into. I kept to my self-imposed schedule of a post a week fairly well, and wrote about anything I wanted week after week. This was great for making writing habitual, but not so much for building an audience.

This blog is still “all about stories,” but my focus has become more specific than when I started. More and more Muse with Me has turned into a book blog, one that I’m getting increasingly happier with. More often than not, my regular posts will be reviewing books, talking about what I’m reading, and other book related writings. I still write about most new movies and TV series I watch, as well as comic books and other storytelling mediums when they strike a cord with me, but books took centre stage a while ago and I have no desire to change that.

I harbor a reverence for the power of storytelling and its ability to captivate us all, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have my preferences, especially among books. I will read pretty much anything, but I gravitate heavily toward fantasy, science fiction, and horror. As I write this right now (January 2018), I’m still on a kick of Hellboy and Star Wars that I don’t know when I’ll shake.

If you’d like to read the original “All About Stories” page, written by a fresher-faced writer with a wisp of a plan and a lot of opinions, check out my first ever post here. Otherwise, I hope you’ll enjoy musing with me about books and other stories.



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