New Books & Novel Discoveries (December 2021)

Well, would you look at that, here’s 2021 nearly all gone and done. I hope everybody has had an enjoyable and safe holidays. I really had to wrack my brain trying to remember what books I even got this month for some reason. I guess it’s just been a rather busy month and things haven’t managed to quiet down just yet.

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Books on My Winter 2022 To-Read List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl. This is a list that is almost certainly too optimistic, as I think it is fairly unlikely that I will read 10 books during the Winter of the new year. Well, maybe a total of 10 including comics, but not these 10. What this is, instead, is a list of books I want to read soon. So it’s tentative, if you will, as well as a mild commitment to adding this books to my to-read lists for next year, which I’ve yet to draft.Read More »

Books to Read if You Love Inhuman Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is “Books to Read If You Love/Loved X (X can be a genre, specific book, author, movie/TV show, etc.)”, so I took this opportunity to talk about a favourite character type of mine: inhuman characters. This could be anything from machines and aliens to gods and monsters, though the less human-like the better. My focus for this list is more on the ways a character’s inhuman-ness is represented and explored in the story too, rather than them just happening to have inhuman qualities.

In putting together this, I realized that the list of books/series I could personally pull for this post was not nearly as extensive as it could be. There’s surely a wealth of sci-fi and fantasy that qualify. I really hope there isn’t something obvious from all of the books I’ve read that I’m just not remembering. At any rate, I hope you enjoy checking these out if you do, and feel free to leave any recommendations of your own in the comments.Read More »

Frighteningly Good Reads 2021 Wrap-Up 

Though my schedule has had me a lot busier these past few months, over October I participated as much as I could in Frighteningly Good Reads, a laid back readathon hosted by Molly at Silver Button Books. Be sure to check out her wrap-up post too!

Ideally, I would have chosen a few more books to get through for the spooky season, but I tried to be a little more realistic for the amount of time I have for reading lately. As it turns out, results were oddly familiar to previous years anyway.Read More »

Ten Spectacular Spooky Reads

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme run by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is a Halloween freebie, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to recommend some spooky reads. Honourable mentions go to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. They’re a couple of my favourite horror books, especially the former, but you hardly need me to tell you about them. The books I’ve selected are hardly unknowns, but I did try to be a little less obvious (for the most part).Read More »

Reading Challenge Update

Things really can change just like that, can’t they? My life’s hardly been turned upside down, but since my last quarterly update I got a second job doing freelance editing, so I’m a heck of a lot busier than I used to be. This has been great in a lot of ways, as I’m feeling more challenged on a regular basis and my skills are noticeably improving. I don’t get to read for fun as often, however, which has had an impact on these challenges. I’m hopeful I can still complete most of them, but there is some tweaking that will need to happen.Read More »

Frighteningly Good Reads 2021

October is one of my favourite months of the year, due in no small part to Halloween! It’s the time of year where we celebrate all that is spooky and weird, and for the past few years I’ve tried to focus my reading on a selection of horror reads during the month. Due to my busier schedule, this selection will be smaller even by my standards, but I wanted to participate in Frighteningly Good Reads again this year regardless.

Frighteningly Good Reads is a laid back readathon hosted by Molly over at Silver Button Books; be sure to check out her selection of books too! All are invited to join. If the book is scary to you, it counts, so don’t feel intimidated by having to read outside of your comfort zone.Read More »

New Books & Novel Discoveries (September 2021)

Book buying was a little more conservative this month, though that’s also relative to last month, where I went on some sort of spree for some reason. This is at a time when I’ve been reading a lot loss, thanks to my working two jobs. Feels like the freelance editing is going well, though, so I just have to balance things better to get more reading done.

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