New Books & Novel Discoveries (June 2020)

June was certainly an anomalous month for book purchases, thanks to some strange discoveries I made about certain books being available at a certain chain of stores. Many of these were purchased in retail locations, respecting social distancing guidelines and all that. I am fortunate enough to live in a small city with very few cases, and in turn less restrictive regulations, otherwise I would not have shopped the way that I did. I just don’t want to encourage irresponsibility.

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New Books & Novel Discoveries (May 2020)

Well, May was certainly a strange month. Not three weeks ago there was actual snow falling in my neighborhood, the air cold enough that my jacket didn’t quite feel like enough, and then during this week my apartment turned into an oven.  I do hope summer weather is here to stay now, but if it could moderate itself a little that would be great.

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Get To Know The Fantasy Reader Tag

I’m getting a little down on myself for posting so irregularly this month (if anybody figures out where most of May went, I’d love to hear about it), so I’ve decided to do a book tag that I put a mental pin into a few weeks ago.

I first read this tag over at Sammie’s blog @ The Bookwyrm’s Den, who openly invited others to participate, so be sure to check out her post too. The tag originated from The Book Pusher over on YouTube.Read More »

New Books & Novel Discoveries (April 2020)

Somehow April felt like another very long month, yet I’m surprised that it’s already over. Time sure is funny sometimes. I hope everybody is staying safe out there. I ended up getting a few more books than I expected I would this month, which is always nice. Can’t wait to share it with you.

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Reading Challenge Update

The first quarter of 2020 has come and gone already, and three months hasn’t felt so long in a very long time. A lot has changed, but at least the books haven’t gone anywhere. Since I’m trying to more seriously approach completing my challenges this year, I thought I’d give a little update about where I’m at with all that.Read More »

New Books & Novel Discoveries (March 2020)

Goodness, the end of March feels a lot different from the end of February, doesn’t it? The less dwelt upon that the better, I think, but needless to say I didn’t really go out and shop much. I usually have a compulsion to pick up some book or another, in a shop or online, but honestly I’ve not really felt that either. It was a quieted, then more subdued month, in that respect.

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5 Books Read Over 5 Years Ago

These are strange times we find ourselves in, at least compared to what is normal for a lot of us. In a time where self-isolation is so recommended for the betterment of others, I thought it might be fun to recommend some books you may want to check out while you do so.

Now, I gab about what I am reading all of the time on this blog, so I decided to make this a little more challenging. I am going to recommend five books, but I have to have read each book over five years ago. As a matter of personal choice, I’m also going to try and make them a little less obvious too, e.g. I last read The Hobbit over five years ago, but you hardly need me to tell you to check that book out.

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New Books & Novel Discoveries (February 2020)

An average month for book purchases this time around. No befuddlement on my part either, which is nice. I know exactly what I bought, and it was fairly spread out through the month. I made a much more concerted effort to purchase from a couple of local independent bookstores too, putting in requests instead of shopping online. I should do this more often, but it’s hard to resist convenience sometimes. It feels better to give these shops the business, though.

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New Books & Novel Discoveries (January 2020)

This has been one of those really weird months where I could swear I bought way more books than I did. Every time I think about it, I can only recall the one physical book I purchased, but it doesn’t feel right. I guess it’s because I could have purchased more, but didn’t. Maybe I really am learning self-control. I didn’t get any gift cards for Christmas either though, while I did last year, so maybe my brain is just confused or something.

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