My First Accepted Submission!

In my last writing report I mentioned that a story submission of mine had been accepted months ago and I was waiting for it to be produced before I officially announced anything. I’m excited to finally talk about it now.

The story in question is my short horror story “Shower Thoughts” which you can hear wonderfully produced for audio on Season 13 Episode 10 of the NoSleep Podcast (my story starts at 00:24:30). They did a stellar job with it and I was thrilled to finally listen to it.

So, you may be wondering “Why the Slowpoke?” in the featured image (a creature known for its slow wits and reaction time). Well, as it turns out I’ve needlessly waited.

I was asked to not talk about my submission being accepted until it was ready to be heard, which I was happy to oblige.

At the end of last week I noticed someone had been linked to my blog through a NoSleep page. From there, I learned that the episode had already been released back on August 25th.

My notification for its use either got lost in the aether, or more likely, I misunderstood the importance of the date I was paid (which coincided with the release). Regardless, I feel like I’ve got an entire hard-boiled egg on my face for not noticing until now.

That all being said, I’m thrilled to share it with you now. Better late than never. I hope you all enjoy giving the episode a listen, and thank you for reading 🙂


The Warden Returns

Over a year ago I submitted this story to a flash fiction writing contest that asked entrants to imagine the relationship between nature and cities in the year 2099. I did not make it far in the competition, but there were thousands of stories entered that I’m sure were much more deserving and I’m honestly just happy that it marked a more official start to my journey into writing fiction.

This story was written to the contest’s specific parameters so I don’t really see myself trying to get it published elsewhere, but I wanted to put it up somewhere for people to read it. It has not been revised in any way from how it was when I submitted it. I hope you enjoy it.Read More »