Tell me a Scary Story

This past week, while visiting family, my father asked me an interesting question — which I’m sure was inspired by the Halloween season. He asked me if I thought it might be possible in a place where great human suffering had taken place that something could be imprinted upon that location; something that could be measured by science, but right now is outside of human understanding. Essentially, it was a question of whether or not I see any possible truth to cases of hauntings in the world.Read More »

Rediscovering Terror: Playing P.T.

If you are planning to play P.T. and don’t know anything about it, I recommend you turn away now. It is best experienced with an unsullied perspective.


This past weekend I played P.T., a demo/teaser released by Kojima Studios as a means of marketing the upcoming game Silent Hills. This teaser is only available for download on PlayStation 4, and does not cost any money. The game released very enigmatically, with little information within the game itself that indicates what it exactly is. You simply begin, without even a start menu.

This post will not be getting into what happens in P.T., because I think it is best experienced knowing as little as possible about what occurs. However, I would like to share my experience with this little piece of gaming.Read More »