Top Five Books I Read in 2015

Just as I did last year, I am listing the top five favourite books that I read in 2015, in no particular order. This list is based more on personal favoritism, rather than my feelings of their absolute quality. This has been one of my best years for getting personal reading done, since for a long time what I did read was required for school. Some of these entries have been written about this past year already, while others I did not happen to write about upon completion.Read More »

Book Review – Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt


Undermajordomo Minor is the newest novel by Patrick DeWitt, published by Anansi House Press on September 5, 2015. DeWitt is well known for his previous and bestselling novel The Sisters Brothers, which received significant acclaim. The story follows Lucien “Lucy” Minor, a young man going out into the world to seek something more from life, gaining employment as an undermajordomo at the mysterious Castle Von Aux. Promotionally, the novel is described as “A love story, an adventure story, a fable without a moral, and an ink-black comedy of manners.”Read More »