My Theory on Bioshock Infinite


**Spoiler Warning for Bioshock Infinite**

Over the past couple of weeks I have been replaying the 2013 first-person shooter Bioshock Infinite on the Xbox 360. Though I have many thoughts related to this game that I want to flesh out more before writing about, I have a theory in relation to the world that the developer Irrational Games has created that I want to put out there, for the satisfaction of sharing if nothing else. I have not done any research into other people’s thoughts or official details on these aspects of the story, rather I want to share how I interpreted it myself when I first played it.Read More »

The Dark Departure – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


This past week was a rather exciting one for me in terms of video games. Via a Nintendo Direct presentation on the 14th, Nintendo released information on their New Nintendo 3DS console, specifically with a special Majora’s Mask edition to be released. Having pre-ordered one for myself and the fast-approaching release of the revamped Majora’s Mask 3D next month, I decided I’d make a post discussing why The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is one of my favourite video games.Read More »

“It’s Just a Kids Movie” Isn’t an Excuse

Anastasia Iron Giant

Over the last few months, an argument has been brought to me a few times that I take issue with. My friends and I are fans of a lot of animated movies, so it isn’t uncommon for us to watch a fair amount of movies intended for younger audiences. During one of these viewings we were watching Anastasia, a 1999 20th Century Fox film directed by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman.

Part way through the first act I expressed that I was not enjoying the film because I did not think it was very well written. A friend of mine simply dismissed my criticisms, however, stating “It’s just a kids movie; don’t think so much about it.” This is a mindset I have always taken issue with. The genre or intended audience of something does not automatically forgive its shortcomings.Read More »

Finishing Wizard & Glass

My final book for 2014 was supposed to be Wizard & Glass, the fourth book in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Despite my best efforts, however, I was unable to finish it before the New Year. Nevertheless, it definitely would have fallen on my list of favourite books for 2014, so I thought I’d talk a little about my feelings on the novel.

This will not entirely be a review. While I will be critiquing it and discussing what takes place in it, it does not sit well with me to give a full review on the fourth installment of a series without having discussed any of the previous entries (this was also the reason I didn’t review A Dance with Dragons).Read More »