Book Review – Galactic Pot-Healer by Philip K. Dick

From the back cover:

Sometimes even gods need help. In Galactic Pot-Healer that god is an alien creature known as the Glimmung, which looks alternately like a flaming wheel, a teenage girl, and a swirling mass of ocean life. In order to raise a sunken city, he summons beings from across the galaxy to Plowman’s Planet. Joe Fernwright is one of those summoned, needed for his skills at pot-healing — repairing broken ceramics. But from the moment Joe arrives on Plowman’s Planet, things start to go awry. Is the Glimmung good or evil? Are Joe and his friends helping to save Plowman’s Planet or destroy it?


Galactic Pot-Healer is a strange novel. From what I understand of Philip K. Dick that is not an unusual way to feel about his writing, but the novel struck me in this way more than I had anticipated — primarily because the summary above makes the story sound a lot more straightforward than it really is. The narrative, while following along the general path laid out above, plays out in a much different way than the description suggests.Read More »