New Books & Novel Discoveries (December 2019)

I’m annoyed about this (no good reason really), but circumstances dictate that I must post twice in a day. I got sick for Christmas, which put a significant damper on my ability to get anything written. Finding myself suddenly preoccupied yesterday, that left today to post my Top 5 and New Books. It would bother me more if I did it tomorrow or beyond that, though, so here we are. Feel free to giggle at my little idiosyncrasies.

Anyway, on to the books!Read More »

Top 5 Books I Read in 2019

The final year of the decade has come and gone. It’s strange how one of the most ordinary things in the world can feel so uncanny sometimes. The last five years were long, there is no doubt, but I can’t escape the sense that they were the fastest five years of my life. 2019 itself was weird for feeling both long and short, in its own right.

With the year over and done, that is also another load of books that I’ve finished reading. Every year I pick my top five favourites among them, in no particular order, and this year is no different. They needn’t have come out this year, I just need to have read them this year. Without further ado…Read More »