WWW Wednesday – January 19, 2022


WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme run by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words. Check out her post and others over on her blog!

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

Thrawn TreasonSince last week I’ve gotten nearly another 100 pages into Thrawn: Treason by Timothy Zahn, and I continue to enjoy the book quite a bit. This trilogy has been great for presenting a more nuanced look at the Empire and its politics, especially the shades of grey that exist in this otherwise oppressive regime. The Grysks from the previous book are making a return as a threat to the Empire, and I’m really enjoying this look at other worlds and alien species being a more sizable external threat, rather than having the Empire grapple with rebels or outlaws, as they typically do. It’s almost a shame, knowing how Thrawn’s story ends (for the time being) on the Rebels TV series, because I would really like to see more of him thanks specifically to how he is depicted in these books.

Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Digital OmnibusI also finally started reading the Scott Pilgrim: Color Edition Digital Omnibus by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and goodness it is making me a little nostalgic for the 2000s. It’s also making me a little homesick, as I grew up in Toronto and haven’t been able to properly visit the downtown core since the pandemic started. Another surreal element is that Amazon is referred to as “that online bookstore.” That didn’t take long to drastically change, eh? When I first read this book I was younger than Scott, so reading it as a 30-year-old certainly colours things differently, though I like that it does do the work to make him sympathetic too. I’m really glad I finally started this, I’m really looking forward to continuing through it.

Recently Finished

Nothing! 💀

Reading Next

We Were LiarsI’ve finally cemented my reading challenges for the year, as outlined in my post from yesterday, so I’m now more confident thinking about what I want to be reading next. In that respect, I’ve decided to pull from my scrappy to-read list and read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart next. The only reason I picked this book up was some slight buzz I heard that there’s something messed up about the story. I expect I won’t be as phased as other people about it, but I’m open to being surprised. I won’t start it until I finish with Treason, but I expect I’ll be starting it relatively soon.

Until next week, thank you for reading! Feel free to share your own post down below.