Looking Back at 2020 & New Challenges for 2021

With 2020 still in the rear-view and 51 weeks ahead of us, it’s time to take one last look back at the challenges I laid out for myself over the past year and see how I did. I’ll also be looking forward into 2021, talking about what I’d like to be doing a bit differently going forward. Priorities need some revising, as is often the case.Read More »

New Books & Novel Discoveries (November 2020)

November was yet another month where I could’ve sworn I got more books than I end up writing about. I think the main reason for that is I’m still waiting on a book my friend ordered me for my birthday. The shop she ordered it from is taking its time shipping it, and I guess I kept assuming I’d have it soon. I’ve been expecting to include it in one of these posts since October. Oh well, it’ll be along sometime.

Enough about the book I’m still waiting for, on to the new books!Read More »

Reading Challenge Update

Well, I’m rather late getting this up, aren’t I? This honestly slipped my mind the first week of the month, and then I was busy for nearly another week. It’s really dispiriting how fast October has gone by. I had some hot cider for the first time, which was nice, but I haven’t stomped through a pumpkin patch yet or even fought a ghost yet.

Anyway, it’s the final stretch of 2020, and with that I’ve got less than three months to make good on my reading challenges for the year. Let’s see how I’m doing, shall we?Read More »

Frighteningly Good Reads 2020

Once again, during the month of October I’m going to be participating in Frighteningly Good Reads, hosted by Molly over at Silver Button Books. There are no strict guidelines to it, it’s just a way for people to share and discuss the spooky books they’re reading for the Halloween season.

As I did last year, my plan is to share the books I want to read for the month here, review them as I do normally throughout October, and then put up another post around Halloween looking back at how I did.

Be sure to check out Molly’s blog if you’d like to participate.Read More »

New Books & Novel Discoveries (September 2020)

So here’s September come and gone already (pretty much). It’s been another lowkey sort of month for new books—not sure the last time that’s happened—but I suppose it’s a welcome change for the moment. I keep feeling like I bought more, but it’s only because I meant to if they were in the shop, but they weren’t, so I didn’t. You follow?

Enough meandering. On to the books!Read More »

Stuck At Home Book Tag

Though I cannot work from home due to the nature of my job, I saw this tag completed by Sammie over at The Bookwyrm’s Den and decided to take her up on her open invitation for others to participate. I’d like to thank her for sharing her post, be sure to check out hers as well.

I may not be stuck at home as much as others, but the fact is we can’t really go out and do whatever we wish like the way we used to until the pandemic is over, so it feels an appropriate tag to fill out nonetheless.

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