New Books & Novel Discoveries (July 2019)

The impulse to buy a lot of books has continued to be more subdued, though I do have more to show than I did in June. I think part of it has to do with my growing interest in using my local library. Granted, I’m currently much more interested in their collection of movies than books. There are many movies I haven’t been able to find on streaming services that they have available and I want to take full advantage.

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Mid-Year Check-In

So here we are, halfway through 2019 already. Where does the time go? Seriously, it could stay a while longer. Doesn’t need to pass by so quickly.

At the beginning of the year I posted about my scrappy to-read list, which I make every year for the satisfaction of literally crossing books off of the list. I’ve never actually completed one of these lists though, so this is the year I’m really going for it.

So, let’s see how I’m doing on that front…


So here’s the good news first. In 2018 I only struck off 13 books from that year’s list by the end of last year. This year I have already struck off 11. So that’s great. I’ve nearly caught up with what I manged last year.

However, percentages are working against me a little here. I’ve only finished 33% of the books on that list. I’m going to have to double the amount of books I finish from the list over the same span of time if I want to actually clear it. On top of this, I know I’m going to read books that are not listed there. It’s just going to happen. It’s happening right now, in fact. This will certainly be a challenge, but I’m still going to push for it.

Speaking of challenges, I’ve always got my Goodreads Challenge looming over me too, though I’m honestly putting a little less stock in that (if only I could stop caring about how many books behind it says I am).

2019 Challenge Progress (July 2)

At least in this case I’m very nearly halfway, so it certainly appears a lot more reachable from this vantage point. I take some solace in the fact that I could always finish some graphic novels relatively quickly and be back on track too.

Hope you enjoyed my little update. Thank you for reading!

New Books & Novel Discoveries (June 2019)

The urge to buy new books this month was so suppressed it’s almost uncanny for me. I did end up getting something, of course, but even what I did pick up barely needed budgeting for at all. I suppose a lull is a good thing; it’s not as if I need to buy lots of books each month. I just enjoy doing it so much part of me cannot help but be a little put out by the lack of it, foolish though that may sound.

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New Books & Novel Discoveries (May 2019)

As far as physical books go, this has been a month of preorders. I did poke around some bookstores throughout the month though, especially while I was visiting Toronto. There are some used bookstores I really like there and I tried to find some specific novels and comic books I’ve been looking for, but sadly had no luck. What stung the most was a specific comic I was looking for was there one of the last times I’d checked the location, but that was many months ago.

So, what I’m left with in terms of new books were those I’ve been expecting for several months. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. On to the books!Read More »

Writing Report #8

Aw shucks, it’s been a minute since my last report again. There have been some small developments to write about, however, so I figured I’d do a little check-in with any of you lovely people who are interested.

In my last report I wrote about how I need to form a habit; that I write in bursts with longer periods of inactivity in between. That is unfortunately still the case and I hate myself (only a bit). I feel a little guilty about not having broken that, even though I’m sure others can relate to some degree. Anyway, enough lollygagging.Read More »

New Books & Novel Discoveries (April 2019)

Goodness me, this has been a month for book buying. I had the means this month, so didn’t feel as inclined to hold myself back, though it’s certainly not the most I’ve ever picked up in a month. Funnily, one of these books I stopped myself from buying while I was out running errands. I was nearby the next day, however, and wound up getting it anyway. I’m making a point of reading it this year to justify that. We’ll see how that goes.

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Five Year Anniversary

This is a little awkward because April 4th doesn’t actually hold any significance for this blog, but life got in the way of things a tad so here we are. That being said, the anniversary for this blog/site is a little muddy anyway. I first registered it on March 27th, 2014, but I did not put up my first post until April 1st. I didn’t really feel great about having this tied to April Fool’s Day anyway.

Five years is a significant milestone and it honestly feels a little uncanny that I’ve had this going for that long now. I look back on my first few years posting with a lot of mixed feelings. There are some posts I continue to be quite happy with, but I kept too rigidly to a limited schedule and was far too all over the place in terms of what content I posted or what I wrote about. Not great for grabbing a reading audience’s attention and keeping it, but I’m pleased I cemented a writing habit all the same.

I’ve become a lot more focused since then, both on how often I write and being more consistent on what I write about. I’m pretty regularly happy with the posts that I write, while maintaining that oh-so important mindset that I could always improve. In keeping with the immortal words of Bob Ross (whom I often have playing in the background while I write):

“I hope you’re plagued with dissatisfaction your whole life, that way you’ll always strive to do better.”

Readership has been on the rise the last couple of years since my shift in how I post, and while the numbers are still quite modest I’m endlessly grateful to everyone who has come here to check out my writing. Ultimately, that’s what this is all about. I’m happy I’ve been able to make it this far and I wanted to put out a thank you to anyone and everyone who reads this blog, whether you randomly stumble upon it once, check in every now and again, or read on the regular. I will always be grateful to you.

Here’s to even more years to come.

New Books & Novel Discoveries (March 2019)

So it would seem March has finally been the fabled light month that I often think is going to happen but rarely actually does. It was honestly very close to being a month where I didn’t buy a single physical book at all, but impulses got the better of me as a walk turned into a trip to the bookstore just to browse, which turned into buying a book. I guess that’s just how it goes.

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New Books & Novel Discoveries (February 2019)

As expected, this was a much more subdued month than January. Gone are all my precious gift cards, so it’s back to getting books the old fashioned way: budgeting them in if I can after life’s expenses are seen to. I haven’t really felt compelled to go out and get more either, which is probably for the better. Half of the books I picked up this month I’ve already read, so I’m not just needlessly stockpiling.

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Writing Report #7

Goodness it has been a long time since I wrote one of these; disappointingly long now that I actually look at when #6 was posted. I think it is safe to say the experiment that has been these posts has failed. Setting deadlines for myself in this way has not led to the results I was hoping for.

At any rate, I still want to post one of these periodically, just to get things down and hopefully spark some of that drive despite the lackluster results in the past. I do have things to share too, so I’m not just posting this point out how much I missed my targets.Read More »