Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read Tag

I saw this tag on Molly’s blog Silver Button Books and decided to take her up on her open invitation for others to complete it. I really love the idea of this tag because it’s forcing me to take a harder look at the books I own and on my to-read list and come to terms with what I’ll probably never get to.

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Get To Know The Fantasy Reader Tag

I’m getting a little down on myself for posting so irregularly this month (if anybody figures out where most of May went, I’d love to hear about it), so I’ve decided to do a book tag that I put a mental pin into a few weeks ago.

I first read this tag over at Sammie’s blog @ The Bookwyrm’s Den, who openly invited others to participate, so be sure to check out her post too. The tag originated from The Book Pusher over on YouTube.Read More »