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I may be having a week off from reading and reviewing, but I still wanted to get a little something posted. Sam from Taking on a World of Words tagged me in this last week, so I thought I’d give it a go 🙂

This tag is originally created by Charly Reynhorse and you can watch the video here.

How many books do you usually read at once?

I’m typically only reading a book at a time, with the exception of graphic novels. Since I can get through them much more quickly I tend to read them concurrently with a novel more often. If I do end up going through more than one book at a time I treat one as supplemental to the book I’m more focused on, so it’s most likely a short story collection or a book of essays; something easier to read a section of at a time.

If you’re reading more than one book at a time, how do you decide when to switch to reading the other book?

It’s pretty much decided on a whim. I will tend to prioritize one book over another, but I will also push to finish the supplementary book if I feel I’ve been in the middle of it for too long.

Do you ever switch bookmarks while you’re part way through a book?

Never. I don’t get super hung up on which bookmark I’m using (though I do have favourites), but once its in the book it doesn’t leave until the book is done.

Where do you keep the book you’re currently reading?

Typically in my bag, relatively protected by being wrapped in a thick plastic bag.

What time of day do you spend the most time reading?

I frequently read in the middle of the night. I have an overnight job that allows for a good amount of downtime to read.

How long do you typically read for in one go?

About an hour to 90 minutes. If I get on a roll at home I could be reading for longer in a sitting.

Do you read hard covers with the dust jacket on or off?

The dust jacket comes off and stays at home. I will not risk it.

Which position do you mainly use to read?

Sitting in a computer chair at a desk. Sometimes I will recline, but I mostly have my arms resting on the desk. I will occasionally lie on a couch or something at home, but there’s a real big risk of me falling asleep in that position.

Do you take the book you’re currently reading with you everywhere you go?

If my bag comes with me, the book comes with me. Doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll read it, but it comes with me nonetheless.

How often do you update your progress on the book you’re currently reading on Goodreads?

If I can help it, the second I decide I’m finished a reading session. I’m a bit of a stickler about keeping that up to date. It will actively bother me if I catch that I forgot to update it as soon as I finished reading.

Who would you like to tag?

I’m not quite as social as I could be (though I’m trying to change that), so I thought I’d just tag a few of the people I’m following:

Lauren (The Laurenest)

Nikki (Nikki’s Novel Niche)

Erik (The Past Due Review)

Sarah (The Critiquing Chemist)


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