Frighteningly Good Reads 2020 Wrap-Up

Over October I once again took part in Frighteningly Good Reads, hosted by Molly at Silver Button Books. Be sure to check out all of her FGR reviews too!

There aren’t strict guidelines to the event as of yet, so I presented myself with a selection of books I was determined to read through before Halloween. Let’s see how I did!Read More »


Frighteningly Good Reads 2020

Once again, during the month of October I’m going to be participating in Frighteningly Good Reads, hosted by Molly over at Silver Button Books. There are no strict guidelines to it, it’s just a way for people to share and discuss the spooky books they’re reading for the Halloween season.

As I did last year, my plan is to share the books I want to read for the month here, review them as I do normally throughout October, and then put up another post around Halloween looking back at how I did.

Be sure to check out Molly’s blog if you’d like to participate.Read More »