Writing Report #3

It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? A little over a month? About time I checked back in with another report. In terms of meeting the goals I did better this time around, though I feel I lightened the load a little. I’ve relaxed a little too much since meeting the goal, so now’s a good time to push myself again.

Short Fiction

I successfully submitted an entry for that Flash Fiction contest I spoke about in my last post, which you can view the details of here. I went through a number of drafts and feel pretty good about the little story I ended up with. I’m hoping it’ll at least be good enough for inclusion in the book being put together, if not any of the cash prizes. One of those would be nice, but I’m not getting my hopes up. It’s really weird to scrutinize your own work so heavily in such a small window of time. It felt a little like saying the same word too many times, the word losing meaning the more you do it. All that is left now with this is to wait until August when the winners are announced.

I haven’t done any revising of my short horror story “Shower Thoughts” yet, but I have come across a few publishers looking for contributions to horror anthologies that I want to try submitting it to. The soonest deadline is for May 31, but there are others I will try if I’m not happy with the state the story is in when that deadline rolls around. For now, I’m going to just aim for having a finished draft ready for May 31, with the possibility that I might not have it ready for that date.

There are some other places that are looking for submissions that I’ve made notes of as well—including an anthology of “Pizza Horror” due June 1—but I haven’t started seriously putting anything together in my head for those.  I especially want to try to write a pizza horror story just to see what the hell I can come up with.


I’ve made no significant progress in regards to Untitled fantasy novel. I’m still sketchy on the details of the beginning, so I don’t want to commit to a personal deadline just yet.

That’s all for this report. Thank you for reading!


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