Writing Report #5

Well, this certainly isn’t August 1st. I seem to be having a bit of trouble keeping to my own deadlines. That’s not to say I don’t work on the writing I want to be working on, but my pace is much slower than I’d like. That may change once I start actively moving on to other stories, but only time will tell. I was initially going to write one of these closer to the 1st regardless of my progress, but I decided I’d be better off waiting until things were in a finished state before putting out another one of these.

Short Fiction

The latest draft of “Shower Thoughts” is more or less complete. I still want to tweak a few sentences, but the revision is officially done as far as I’m concerned. The bulk of the story after a certain point has been completely reworked. It’s still a similar skeleton to what it was before, but I’ve fleshed out a lot more than before and have things going in a bit of a different direction, leading to the same conclusion. I’m actually quite pleased with the way I’ve done this. I think it has made the story a lot more interesting, giving the reader more information of the small world represented to latch on to.

Now, after the last few tweaks, I want to start sending it to some of my close friends and family to start getting some feedback. Nobody has looked at any draft of this story except for me so far, but this draft definitely feels share-worthy to me.

New Deadline: Share story and receive feedback by September 1, other people’s schedules allowing.

Secondary Goal: Start looking into places that may accept submissions for the story, feedback and possible further revisions permitting.


I’d love to say I’ve done more concrete with Untitled fantasy novel, but everything is still in my head, as usual. I feel like I’m getting closer to cracking my issues with where things are starting out for the characters, but I honestly need to do more concrete work than thoughts that sound great in the moment, but can barely be recalled later on.

That’s all for this report. Thank you all for reading!


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