WWW Wednesday – July 24, 2019


WWW Wednesday is a weekly book meme run by Sam over at Taking on a World of Words. Check out her post and others over on her blog!

The Three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

Currently Reading

Who's a Good BoyI was supposed to have started Exit West by Mohsin Hamid by now. The problem is, I couldn’t find the dang thing. I went to grab it from my bookshelf before a little road trip the other day, but I couldn’t find it. It has to be on that shelf somewhere, I’m just going to have to dig through the layers of books. Nevertheless, starting it has been delayed. I have started Who’s a Good Boy? by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor though (which I quickly grabbed instead), which is the fourth collection of Welcome to Night Vale episodes. Look at that cover art: beautiful. I’ve only read the introduction so far, but I continue to be surprised by how little I remember about what happens in each story arc. I could swear the arc with the beagle puppy happened much later after the conclusion of Lot 37.

Recently Finished

The Buying of Lot 37Speaking of which, over the weekend I powered through and finished reading The Buying of Lot 37 by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. It was great to get a refresher on those episodes, but I especially enjoyed getting to read a transcript of their live show “The Librarian” for the first time. Part of the way they designed that show is a reference to a weird old horror movie starring Vincent Price called The Tingler that I once saw as a kid. I hadn’t thought of that movie or heard anybody mention it for ages, but it’s not at all surprising that the creators of this series know of it. I’m flip-flopping on whether or not I want to actually review this book. I think it’s good, but it kind of feels like reviewing a script book when you ought to review the film, you know?

Reading Next

The next books I’m going to read have been stated before. Out of resentment toward myself I’m not going to belabour the point. They’re going to be Exit West and The Catastrophe Con. Definitely going to start them. I swear.

Until next week, thank you for reading! Feel free to share your own post down below.


8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – July 24, 2019

    • I’m usually pretty good about keeping track of my books though, but clearly not as good as I think. I did find it, I had just completely forgotten where I shelved it the last time I organized lol

  1. How about the fact that I keep listing books that I don’t actually read? You are always so good about reading books on your list, I just keep putting new books on and trying them and then hating them. And, since I only post positive reviews they just seem to disappear. You are lightyears ahead of me. But, I hope you find Exit West at the same time I find my missing Hamlet.

    Here is my WWW: https://silverbuttonbooks.com/2019/07/24/www-wednesday-july-24-2019/

    • Thanks for the positive words 🙂 I guess I am pretty good about finishing what I post about, but I always do envy seeing all of the books you manage to go through while I’m working on like one or two for a couple weeks. Grass is always greener, I suppose 😛

      I did find Exit West; it was tucked away from the last time I organized my shelf and I completely forgot doing it. Had to pull a lot of books off of the shelf before I found it. Any luck finding Hamlet?

      • Hamlet is super lost. Or in an incredibly safe place depending on how you view it. I’m hoping to find it when I unpack everything. Only 2 weeks to moving day and I cannot wait to say, “hello!” to all my books again.

      • I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s just really safely tucked away. And I felt the same way when I had to move a few years ago. I have so many books that I had to shuttle boxes of them a few times to the new place before my official moving day. Felt really good to get them all back on the shelf again afterwards.

  2. Not being able to find things is soooooo frustrating! Good luck in your search!
    And hmm, I think my roommate has read Welcome to Night Vale, tho I think only the first book bind-up? I’m not sure. I’ll have to check to see if she knows that there are more out, lol…
    Happy reading!

    • Thank you, I did manage to find it. I just completely forgot where I shelved it lol Thought I’d just thrown it on there, but apparently not.
      There are two novels as well as the four volumes of episodes, so there’s actually a lot of Night Vale to read about. The novels are standalone, if your curiosity is piqued at all.

      Happy reading to you too!

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