New Books & Novel Discoveries (April 2021)

Spring’s been hitting a little differently this year, eh? Or is it just me? The first half of this past month was so surprisingly warm and welcome, it’s too bad the latter half decided to act like regular old Spring with mud, cool weather, and the occasional flurries. What an odd month it’s been. I almost had very little to show for new books this month, but I couldn’t resist hitting up my local bookstore this week.

Without further ado, on to the books!

New Books


Lovesickness by Junji Ito was a preorder I’d been waiting on for a little bit. I’ve already read and reviewed this book, which was surprisingly polarizing. The title story, about 60% of the book, was pretty great. The latter 40%, however, left a lot to be desired. It was such a downer, in fact, that I had to remind myself that I did actually like most of this book. Still, happy to have it as part of the collection.

Son of a Trickster by Eden Robinson is a book that’s been on my radar for the past few years. It caught my eye because I read one of her novels, Monkey Beach, a little over 10 years ago for a university course. Of the entire syllabus, that book is one of two that has really stayed with me after all these years. I’d really like to read more of her work, especially after learning this newer one also has a sequel.

Hogfather by Terry Pratchett is the next Discworld novel that I need to read, so it was important that I pick it up as soon as possible. I need to have it read by the end of June, if I mean to keep up with my reading challenges. This is a Death novel I’ve been really itching to get to, as it seems to be the most quoted among all of the Pratchett’s Death books. Hopefully I haven’t heard too much about it, though, so there are still surprises in store for me. My only regret is that this seems the closest to a Discworld Christmas story, but I’ll be reading it in Spring/Summer. I don’t want to put it off though, so I’ll just have to live with it.

DC Universe by Alan Moore was my only digital purchase this month. The volume collects a number of different comic book issues written by Moore about many different characters. I initially tracked it down because a video essay made me want to read the Superman story “For The Man Who Has Everything”, which is included in this collection.

Novel Discoveries

Last Call by Elon Green is a true crime book about the Last Call Killer, who preyed upon gay men in New York City in the 80s and 90s. I don’t often go for true crime, but I was really intrigued with this one after reading a review over at Julie Anna’s Books. Don’t know when I’ll ever get around to it, but I want to remember to check it out, at least.

The Animals in that Country by Laura Jean McKay was brought to my attention from an email newsletter, though I can’t remember where it was sent to me from. The title and cover caught my eye, but the synopsis of an old woman who runs a wildlife park learning to understand animals as the symptom of a strange flu sweeping the country sealed the deal for me.

I can’t quite remember where I read about Fid’s Crusade by David H. Reiss, but it’s apparently a supervillain redemption story. I’m always in the mood for a good one of those, and I recall hearing good things about this one, so I want to remember to check it out sometime.

Backstories by Simon Van der Velde is a collection of short stories that apparently have well known people as characters within them, but you have to use story clues to try and figure out who they are. It sounds like a really fun gimmick, and a percentage of sales on this book goes to various charities, so I’ll probably grab a copy of this sooner rather than later. I think I heard about this book from a WWW post, but I can’t remember where.

Sensor by Junji Ito is the next book of the author’s that’ll be published in English this summer. Naturally, I’ll be picking it up. Since it seems to be about a singular story, I’m hopeful about this one despite my disappointment with Lovesickness. I would have loved that book all the more if its title story has been all there was to it, so hopefully that’ll be the case with Sensor.

Closing Thoughts

Honestly, I’ve found reading more and more of Junji Ito’s books a little double-edged. It’s taken the sheen off of the days where I looked at books like Uzumaki and Shiver with more reverence, but the man did have a long career writing short horror stories, they’re not all going to hit. Have you ever had your passion for an author tempered as you’ve read more of their work? Do you prefer being better versed in all of their stuff, or wish you’d stayed more limited yet passionate?

Until next time, thank you for reading.


5 thoughts on “New Books & Novel Discoveries (April 2021)

  1. Hogfather! I still need to pick that one up. I do hope you enjoy Fid’s Crusade! There were moments I felt it was a little slow or hard to follow, but I thought the approach was so unique and I really appreciated that. I definitely want more books along those lines!

    • I’ve been wanting to read Hogfather for a while, so I’m really happy I’ve finally reached it. I’m sad I’ll only have one Death book left after that one though šŸ˜¦

      Oh, I think I learned about Fid’s Crusade from your blog, now that you mention it. Goodness knows when I’ll get to it, but I do hope I enjoy it too. Always love a good villain story, if done right.

      • Yes, there is always that lol I plan to read the rest of the Discworld books before I ever get around to re-reading any more of them, though, so that’ll be it for a while after I read Thief of Time.

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