New Books & Novel Discoveries (December 2021)

Well, would you look at that, here’s 2021 nearly all gone and done. I hope everybody has had an enjoyable and safe holidays. I really had to wrack my brain trying to remember what books I even got this month for some reason. I guess it’s just been a rather busy month and things haven’t managed to quiet down just yet.

Enough rambling, on to the books!

New Books


The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig is a book that I posted about last month. I was excited to learn that this book was finally coming out after I used to follow the YouTube challenge years ago. So, when I happened to make a trip to the bookstore with some friends, I decided to snatch it up.

Night Shift by Stephen King was a gift in my stocking this Christmas, which was nice, pleasant surprise. My dad specifically picked it up because I finished reading ‘Salem’s Lot just a few months ago, and this collection includes a story entitle “Jerusalem’s Lot”, which takes places in the same town. It’s always good to have more King.


Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur was my only thrift store purchase this past month. I bought it more on a whim than anything else, really, since I’ve never read the poet’s work and I struggle to engage with poetry, but the shorter format is worth giving a shot for me.

Lastly, I received my preorder of Deserter by Junji Ito a couple of weeks ago. I’ve neglected to get around to it, but I’m maybe going to try and power through it before the new year. I didn’t realize before I received it, but it’s apparently a collection of some of his earliest short works, which has me really excited to check it out. Granted, there’s always a little something that makes me hope that I’ll really like one of these new books, but past results aren’t abating my enthusiasm just yet.

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As for my digital purchases this month, I ended up doing a last-minute splurge. I had decided a while ago to bide my time with buying the new Star Wars comic series that I need to start, and it looks like that paid off, as I only paid a little over $30 for all of these. Hooray for Boxing Day! It will probably be a while before I read these, but it’s nice to have access to them.

Novel Discoveries

Apparently I didn’t come across many books save onto the ol’ digital to-read shelf. Honestly, putting this together at the end of each month is sometimes as much of a surprise to me, with what I do and don’t remember sometimes.

All Tomorrows: The Myriad Species and Mixed Fortunes of Man by Nemo Ramjet (pseudonym) is a book I heard about from a short video I saw in a feed somewhere; it’s hard to keep track of all the stuff we’re bombarded with. I don’t remember much of what was said about it, but the impression left with me was that this book is messed up in a compelling way and that it involves contact with advanced aliens. Certainly worth a look.

Road of Bones by Christopher Golden is a book I shelved just the other day. I’ve read a few Golden books now, but I believe they’ve all been media tie-ins. Several have been Hellboy related and another was an Alien novel. So, I’ve not actually read much original work by him. This novel looked intriguing enough as a supernatural thriller and decided to keep it in mind in case I ever feel more curious about his work.

Closing Thoughts

I’ve not got much in the way of closing thoughts this month, other than general well wishes of course. I’ve still got a lot of reading to do that I’m hoping I can pull off, but at the very list I foresee myself completing my yearly to-read list for the first time ever, so that’s a nice little consolation if I don’t manage to finish everything.

Did you receive or hear about any new or exciting books during your holidays? I would love to hear about them.

Until next time, thank you for reading.


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