TV Series Review – Orange is the New Black Season Six


Season six of Orange is the New Black continues the story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) and the other inmates of Litchfield Correctional Institution in the wake of the three-day riot that took place during the previous season. This season shakes up the cast and setting once again with a number of the inmates having been transferred to prisons in other states, resulting in numerous absent characters. Plenty of characters return as well, having been transferred to the maximum-security prison (“max”) within Litchfield Penitentiary. This season introduces a number of new inmates who are already entrenched in the life and politics of max as well as the new guards who oversee them, with some returning.Read More »

TV Series Review – Orange is the New Black Season Five

This review contains spoilers for events prior to this season.


Leaving us with the nail-biting cliffhanger that was the finale of the last season, season five of Orange is the New Black was going to be a different sort of beast. This isn’t something I’d put together leading into the new season, but once it started it quickly became apparent that the developments at Litchfield were not going to blow over in an episode or two. Even by the conclusion of this season, Poussey Washington has only been dead for about four days. The events are that condensed.Read More »

TV Series Review – Orange is the New Black Season 4


Following the completion of season three, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Orange is the New Black going forward. As I said in my review last year, the season didn’t have a crystal clear focus. The cast continued to be stellar and the characters compelled me as they were further fleshed out, but a lot of the season felt like the series was getting a little too comfortable with itself. Many ill winds were blowing for Litchfield that season however, promising a lot while only going as far as laying a foundation. Season four built upon this foundation a phenomenally structured season, making good on the foreshadowing of season three, and giving us their darkest season yet.Read More »

TV Series Review – Orange is the New Black Season Three


This past week I finished watching season three of the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black, starring a cast that is at this point too widely relevant to write them all out. While typically I don’t want to review content without having done so from the beginning, I’ve written about the series previously, and I thought I’d make an exception this time with the latest season still fresh in my mind.Read More »

Evolving Narrative & Orange is the New Black

Recently, I actually managed to binge-watch season two of the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black with my girlfriend. I emphasize being able to do this because I have realized that as someone who tries to read, play, and watch as much content as possible, it is hard finding time to actually devote a lot of attention to one thing for long periods.

I do not intend to give a formal review of the season — that being a more daunting task than I feel up to right now — so I’ll first say that the show is excellent, and I recommend it to anybody with an interest in good drama and strong female characters.Read More »