Writing Report #7

Goodness it has been a long time since I wrote one of these; disappointingly long now that I actually look at when #6 was posted. I think it is safe to say the experiment that has been these posts has failed. Setting deadlines for myself in this way has not led to the results I was hoping for.

At any rate, I still want to post one of these periodically, just to get things down and hopefully spark some of that drive despite the lackluster results in the past. I do have things to share too, so I’m not just posting this point out how much I missed my targets.

Short Fiction

There has been less progress in this department. I did start that dark fantasy short story — which I’m currently calling “Spiritual Decay” — but I only wrote a line of it months ago. I still intend to write it, but it has taken a back seat as of late.

I did submit “Shower Thoughts” to Martian Migraine Press for their anthology Monstrous Outlines, but unfortunately it got rejected when I heard back from them last month. I’m not discouraged, but the story is on the back-burner right now since I’m not currently aware of any place that is looking for submissions. I should seek that out more soon, now that I mention that.


I’ve finally been able to get a start on what I’ve so far dubbed Untitled fantasy novel. For starters, it is now tentatively called Dry Well. I think it’s unlikely that this name will stick once all is written and done, but it functions well for me as a working title until I have it more figured out. It also directly relates to important aspects of the book’s world to me, so there’s that.

I’ve been forcing myself to write more physical notes more often. Thinking about a book idea is all well and good, but writing these things down has allowed me to better work things out and build ideas up.

I’ve started writing the story three times now and I’m still on the opening scene, but the current iteration is one I’m happier with in terms of voice. I don’t intend to be constantly rewriting every scene as I go, but getting the intro right has felt important to me for getting a feel of how I want to be writing it.

Thanks to the aforementioned notes I have got a better handle on the setting at the outset and where my characters are at as people too, which I was struggling with and was holding me back as far as actually writing things went. I’ve still got a long way to go with this book and I have no idea how long it’ll be. As such I’m not setting any deadlines on this.

What’s most important to me right now is that I get into the habit of creatively writing more often. This past year has been more productive for me, relatively speaking, but writing most often took place in productive bursts with long periods of inactivity in between. So, I’m trying to work for shorter amounts of time more often until it becomes more of a habit.

That’s it for this report. Thank you for reading.


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