Writing Report #4

Goodness, it has been a bit since I wrote one of these. Nearly two months to be specific. There have been some small pieces of news on the writing front, though nothing major. I think I really do need to write these more frequently, as some apparent lapses I’ll get in to might be attributed to my failing to keep this corner of my blog updated.

Short Fiction

Unfortunately, my submission to that writing contest, which was called “Stories of the Nature of Cities 2099,” did not make it past the first round of reviews. I’m a little disappointed, but I’m not phased by it either. They received over 1200 submissions, which is a heck of a lot to compete with. The story is freed up to use elsewhere now, at least, so if something comes along that may like it I’ll be sure to submit it.

Back on June 8th I submitted a very short story to Duolingo, who were looking for submissions of stories no longer than 250 words. Stories had to be fairly simple too, as they’re also used to aid with learning a new language. I didn’t learn about this from my source for writing opportunities until a few days before the deadline, but I was able to quickly craft something I was happy with for the submission. Here’s hoping it bears some fruit.

I set a deadline to finish revising “Shower Thoughts” by May 31st, but that has painfully not taken place. I had a lot of trouble with stress and lack of motivation since my last post, and while I’m not exactly out of the woods on that I have been working to revise it anyway. The revisions I have been making have actually snowballed a bit too, requiring me to rework more of the story than I initially meant to. Hopefully it comes out all the better for it. I don’t’ want to dwell on this story too long though, as I should be starting other things now.

New deadline: Finish revising this draft of “Shower Thoughts” before August 1st.


Still nothing done on paper for Untitled fantasy novel, I’m afraid, though I am frequently thinking about it as always. My main problem is more clearly figuring out where one of my main characters is at mentally at the beginning of the story, as well as the nature of the world she lives in in the context of the world at large.

That’s all for this report. Thank you all for reading!


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