Frighteningly Good Reads 2019 Wrap-Up

For the month of October, I took part in Frighteningly Good Reads hosted by Molly over at Silver Button Books. Making good on my post from earlier in the month, I want to take a look back on my progress over the month and see how I did.

Yes, yes, it is November 4th, even though I said I’d get this up on Halloween. October turned out being an odd month, and on top of that I stubbornly decided to stick some things out before getting this up.

Books To-Read Results

These were the books I intended to get through before Halloween. Unfortunately, I was only able to get two of them finished and reviewed before then: Doctor Sleep and Hellboy: Odder Jobs. You can check out my full reviews by clicking their respective titles.

Both of these books were actually fairly middling for me. The former had great characters, but weak villains that in turn hindered some of the plot. The latter was a consistently enjoyable anthology, but the stories were only average in that respect. I wanted odder jobs, dern it, but they just weren’t weird enough, I guess.

Little Heaven is an interesting case in the context of this post, because I actually finished that novel this morning. Finally. Not on time unfortunately, but I needed to get it done already.

Despite how impatient that may sound, I actually liked this book a lot. The characters were great and it was definitely the scariest read on my list. A lot of great atmosphere, body horror, and supernatural terrors. For some reason, though, it took me nearly a month to finish it.

I’ve been in a weird rut, to be honest, and I’m quite peeved that this happened during October. There’s no helping it, I suppose. Certainly not now. I will have my review up soon, anyway, though without the tag. Wouldn’t feel right.

I am reading at the moment Dreams of Terror and Death—there’s quite a ways to go on that book—but I resigned to the fact that I wouldn’t finish it on time well before the holiday. With everything else out of the way I will hopefully have it done soon, though, provided I can rev the motivation back up.

Comic Books To-Read Results

I’m happy to report that I finished all three volumes of The Immortal Hulk that I planned to get through, although it was close. The last one I managed to finish right on Halloween night, in fact.

This series is really good. It ties really well into the character’s long and storied past, both recent and more distant, while still telling a story that is fairly accessible to someone who doesn’t normally read Hulk comics (like me).

It’s story line goes back to the horror roots of the character, giving a more thoughtful look at who they are (Banner and the Hulk) and the deeper nature of their origins, touching upon some unexpectedly cosmic horror. The Hulk’s persona is more darkly intelligent and contemplative too, which made it all the better.

The art is fantastically creepy at times too. I’ve seen Bruce Banner transform into the Hulk numerous times, yet never represented so horrifically. More than once it was like looking at something straight out of John Carpenter’s The Thing. A twisted representation of an iconic character, but hauntingly appropriate all the same.

If you never read Marvel comics, you may want to brush up on some history first, but otherwise if you have even a casual awareness of some events I definitely recommend picking it up.

Feel free to share your own horror reads from the past month below.

Thank you for reading!



7 thoughts on “Frighteningly Good Reads 2019 Wrap-Up

  1. I was so glad that you participated in Frighteningly Good Reads this year because you always bring to the table horrifying reads and graphic novels. You’re “not to scary” measures on my scare scale as “terrifying and sleep disturbing.” I’m such a wimp!

    I understand you’re unwillingness to count Little Heaven as part of your read – I have two I didn’t finish from my TBR. Now my conundrum is whether to let them sit while I focus on NonFiction or not….

    Thanks again for participating!

    • You’re very welcome, it was my pleasure to participate. I look forward to doing so again next year.

      I understand feeling conflicted in your position too; I would also feel obligated to finish the TBR after the deadline too (as I’m doing with the Lovecraft book). Seeing as you’re taking part in another event, though, I certainly wouldn’t hold against you for putting a pin in those books for now to focus on the nonfiction.

  2. You made it through quite a bit of books, though! When you started, it seemed like you weren’t sure how many you’d make it through, but look at all those books up there! I think Little Heaven definitely counts, because you read it before this post went up and it was on your list, so it’s fair game. xD That’s what I’m going with.

    • I suppose so; I feel like you and Molly put me to shame though lol I just can’t seem to read fast enough to get more than like three books read in a month. Thank you for the encouraging words, nonetheless.

      • Whaaaat? *counts books* It seems to me that you read 7 books last month, didn’t you? For the challenge. Or did I miss something? That’s only just one less than I read, and your books were longer than mine. xD I had a couple really short things because I cheat. 😛

        Besides, it’s not a competition on who can read the most, silly.

      • I’ve not been counting Little Heaven, and admittedly I always account for graphic novels differently in my head since they’re much faster reads.

        A solid five finished, at least, before Halloween (Lovecraft book is just there for consistency). You are right, I’m perhaps being hard on myself lol

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