Scooby-Doo! & My Ideal Wrestling


Having been curious since it came out, this past week I watched Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery, a direct-to-video movie co-produced by Warner Bros. Animation and WWE Studios. I’ve been a casual fan of pro wrestling and the WWE for a few years now, and I grew up enjoying a lot of Scooby-Doo, so the idea of the two pairing up seemed both bizarre and entertaining.

The movie played out exactly as anybody familiar with a Scooby-Doo storyline would expect, complete with red herring antagonists, really convoluted technology and plot devices, and an obvious twist reveal on who the monster really was. I understand the intended audience, so I’m not going to fault the movie for all this. It was a lot of fun to watch.Read More »

Life’s Little Stories & The Best One I was Told

In my adult life I’ve strongly developed a reverence for the power that stories hold over us. They act as points of reference for us on morals and how to interact. They frighten us, give us hope, influence us to love, hate, laugh, and cry. While fiction in all its forms is the source of much of this, the idea of story here branches to experiences and ideas we share with one another, absorbed as we grow and mature. While there are many big stories that require a lot of thought and experience with, there are little stories too, which can be trickier. Maybe only a statement or idea expressed in a few words, little stories can expand in our minds. I’ve found that I fill in the gaps with all other narrative tropes I’m aware of that fit.Read More »

Reading Epics: The Odyssey by Homer


Very recently I finished reading Homer’s The Odyssey in its entirety for the first time. This is particularly significant for me because while minored in classical studies in university and learned a lot about the story of The Odyssey, I never actually read the entire text. I’ve made it a personal mission to read epics like these, having started with The Iliad, which I finished reading at the end of 2013.Read More »

The Depth of Wind Waker

 Contains some spoilers for the ending of Wind Waker.

I have recently crossed a milestone with this blog, having successfully kept it going for over a year, and would like to start publishing a lot more review-focused content. However, I will still be writing more reflective posts, such as the following.

This week’s post feels a bit lighter to me, but I have just started a new job that has had me working full-time graveyard shifts, so I hope you can bear with me while I simply share some experience I’ve had in gaming lately.Read More »

The Division of The Dark Knight Returns

This post contains some spoilers for The Dark Knight Returns


This past week I finished watching part two the DC Comics animated release of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which adapted the comic book miniseries of the same name by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson released in 1986. Set in a dystopian near-future (relative to the 1980s) version of Gotham City, an aged Bruce Wayne (55 years old) returns to his role as Batman, after 10 years of absence, in an effort to quell a resurgence of violent crimes afflicting the city.Read More »

Concerning the Hobbit Films


Over the weekend, I was able to see the final Hobbit film; The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, directed by Peter Jackson. The third and final installment of the trilogy, Battle of the Five Armies marks the end of Peter Jackson’s adaptation of the J.R.R Tolkien novel.

This post will be partly a review, but mostly a general overview on my feelings toward the trilogy. Unlike The Lord of the Rings, the massively successful and popular trilogy that preceded it, The Hobbit is a story I am personally more invested in. It was the only one of Tolkien’s novels I read as a child, and later read once more in university. I have not read any other Tolkien work.Read More »

Beginning Breaking Bad

This past week I began watching Breaking Bad, a series known to be one of the best to ever grace television. Despite its notoriety, I’ve only just now gotten around to starting it. So far I am only two episodes deep, but I’d like to talk about first impressions because of a comment my friend made when we started it together. They remarked that they — and a lot of other people — didn’t like the first couple of episodes of the series, and it wasn’t until the season really got going that the series began to shine.Read More »